We do business with a fair exchange rate for your business, so you can avoid being overcharged by your bank.

Fast payments abroad for any kind of business, big or small, that requires fast payments to be made abroad at the Brazilian Real exchange rate. Get rid of international invoices by choosing our ‘send fast’ option.


International payroll simple and fast.

Have you someone manually paying all your overseas employees or suppliers one at a time? You want to speed this process up?

we have batch payment tool lets pay lots of people in one go by simply updating and uploading a spreadsheet. It’s seems a little geeky, but it’s fast and it’s working.


Integrate your system or platform with our API that is easy-to-implement delivers fast, low cost payments abroad. Our Payouts API gives you facility, fast and control.


Stop losing money on international payroll

Our powerful batch payments tool runs your international payroll the way we send all payments – with the real exchange rate. You pay one, low transparent fee. It’s only fair.

Create Upload Pay

Do smarter business with batch payments
Batch payments let you settle all your international and domestic payroll in single click — so you free up time for other things. You get FXMaxxi’s bank-busting exchange on every payment you make — so you avoid unfair charges. And you pay direct to your recipients’ bank accounts — so everyone gets a seamless and stress-free experience.

Our new batch payment tool lets you make up to 1,000 payments in one go through a simple file upload. Payments arrive around the world in 1 – 2 working days.

Download a batch payment file and fill it in — you’ll need the amount, currency, and bank details of whoever you’re paying.


A Payouts API Without Borders
Welcome to a world of superfast payouts with the real exchange rate. Cut costs, save time, drink tea.

Under the hood
Our Payouts API is built on the same payment infrastructure that powers our game-changing money transfer products.

From the moment you integrate our API, every single payout will go with the real exchange rate. So you’ll save money. Every single payout will flow seamlessly through your preferred workflow. So you’ll save time. And every single payout will arrive in full, exactly where you wanted, when you wanted. So you’ll save on headaches too.

Get Access to the Payouts API
Easy to integrate, supported with clear documentation, and backed up by a dedicated onboarding team. What’s not to like? Botão Get API